Cieszanów Rock Festival

Cieszanów Rock Festival is an international rock festival mostly characterized by diversity of rock music. It has been called Subcarpathian Woodstock and belongs to one of the biggest music events in Poland with several tens of thousands attendees every year. In 2012 Cieszanów Rock Festival was ranked the third best summer Polish festivals by Machina magazine. The event is no longer a local festival, there are overseas attendees and bands from the USA and the UK. The stylistic diversity of rock music presented at the festival is considered to be the main highlight of the event. It is the festival programme that shows the most valuable and unique aspects of rock music.

CRF is well respected among artists, the biggest Polish bands have celebrated their jubilees at the event, a lot of bands have recorded videos for their new albums. In addition to contemporary music, the festival hosts sports tournaments, ecological and music workshops, knight tournaments, bookcrossing, a stage for the CITY NGO (non governmental organization). On top of that it offers an unbelieavable atmosphere, the opportunity to meet terrific people and have a whale of a time in a marvelous place just off the Roztocze district.






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